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Why Shadow Boxes?

When a service member departs his or her command it can be a sad day for the individual or a great day of joy for some. Regardless, people always want something to remember their time in service. A shadow boxes can be for themselves or a loved one. In either case they will become a heirloom to be passed down in memory of a time in ones life.

We look at our shadow boxes as small pieces of furniture that can be held in hand displaying our attention to detail and love of the wonderful variety found in wood. The boxes in their present form came about, as much good design does, from a slow evolution and refinement of design.

Through our hard work and ethics we have completed many pieces, carefully designing them as special gifts, made specifically for the recipient. Many hours of work and thought that have been put into our shadow boxes, to include our command ceremonial equipment and other gifts we have made.

From some basic designs to open tenon joinery, dovetails, and segmented wheels, our woodwork, as you will see, has a unique level of detail. This is as a direct result of striving to live by our name "The Last Detail".

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you the best service in the industry. If you are looking for that truly unique item, or if you have a concept of your own, then let me help you express it...


Ken Martinez, BMCS(SW) USN RET.


In the corporate world upon retirement one may get a watch or a set of pens with a nice case. Eventually one will stop ticking and the other writing. Your shadow box will be around for generations...

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