The Last Detail - Custom Chests - San Jacinto, CA
Custom  Chests
All our chests are carefully crafted from the finest materials and measure 18 inches deep by 20 inches high by 30 inches wide over all unless otherwise mentioned or requested.  Most of are chest are customized for your personal look and the prices below do not reflect lettering etc... All chest come with one shadow box that is  designed to fit a 3' by 5' flag with the exception of the small chest.  Additional shadow boxes/trays are available.  Please call for more information on products and custom options.  Double click to enlarge photo.  
No delivery fees to SOCAL area.
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 0800 - 1200 we are routinely in the San Diego area doing  pick ups of shadow box items and deliveries.  If you would like to meet give us a call 24 hrs in advance.  619-944-1693
Oak with walnut lettering.Oak with walnut lettering.Oak with walnut lettering.Oak with walnut and rustly hardware.Oak with walnut and rustly hardware.
 : Walnut with walnut lettering and alder banners
One for USMCTurbine crafted from walnut with maple lettering.Back
Oak with cedar lining.Oak with cedar linning.Ready for shadow box assembley Up close.True cherry trim, ebony highlights and cedar linning.Oak with cedar linning.
Oak with cedar linning.SWCC warfare pin.Oak with cedar linning.Oak trim, walnut highlights and cedar linning.Cedar linning.Del's Sub
Del's Sub Inside look at Del's Sub)Shadow box in place.
Oak Chest
Beautifully crafted chest with a shadow box in the lid and with a lower portion lined in cedar. Antique brass hardware.
20" H by 18" D by 30" L inches.
Price: $485.00
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Oak Chest (Small)
Just a smaller version with a tray in the box. No cedar linning. This chest measures 16" H x 18" D 25" L inches.
Price: $449.00
Pirates Chest (Large)
This unique and beautifully crafted chest was initially design for a CMC from Afloat Training Group in San Diego. The prototype was displayed at the "Designs in Wood 2008". This oak chest measures 20" high by 22" deep by 32 inches long.
Price: $680.00
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Pirates Chest (Small)
Wrapped in simulated leather with solid cherry trim and true ebony highlights. This chest has been displayed at various locations in the San Diego area. A shadow box in the lid and in the lower portion with an interior that is lined with cedar, antique brass hardware and leather handles. Truely one of a kind. 20"H18"D by30"L
Price: $570.00
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